Hello There!

Welcome to Brough Stuff. I chose this name in part to help stop the epidemic that is the mispronunciation of the “Brough” family name. You see, most people tend to ignore the grammatical trend of the “ough” suffix being pronounced as a hard “eff” sound set in place by words such as “rough,” “tough,” “enough,” “trough,” etc. As a result of this oversight, the fabled “Brough” name has been uttered in many different ways. I will list them phonetically. I’ve heard “Bro”, “Brow,” “Brah,” “Browff.” You get the idea.

My thought, however, is that seeing my last name propped up against a much more common word with the same pronunciation will encourage correct elocution. And thus, my blog was born.

This blog will be strictly political. Just kidding that would be awful.

I would, however, love to use this site as a medium to share narrative that is both fiction and nonfiction and strengthen my skills as a writer. I will attempt to adhere to a strict one-post-per-week regimen that will render me a more skilled writer in no time. Doctors hate me!

You can expect content to be centered mostly around cars, skiing, my sweet life as a 21 year old going to school in Santa Rosa, CA, and whatever else may pop into my head that week. Think of this site like a virtual box of Cracker Jacks.

So, without further ado, have at it. Leave comments, tell me what you like, Shout and proclaim from the highest peaks what you don’t like. Good luck out there.