Update: Lazy Boy

Wowee look at the time. Its been (much) more than a year since I posted last.

How could I keep all of my readers waiting for so long.

The first and thus far only post on this blog was made on the 19th of January in 2016. That was during my first couple of weeks in Rohnert Park, in which I began residence in a frat house and began attending my third year of community college at Santa Rosa JC.

And oh what a year it has been.

Hopefully once you hear what I’ve been up to you might forgive me… I’ve been quite the busy bee for the last 16 months or so. In that time, I have:

Sold two cars.

Bought another car.

Gotten two jobs.

Gotten a lovely girlfriend.

Bought 2 Nintendo Gamecubes.

Taken 18 college courses, including “GEOL 105: Study of the Dinosaurs.”

Gone skiing.

Began attending Sonoma State University.

Turned 21.

Gotten an Associates Degree.

Had a short story published.

Gone biking.

Played a whooole lot of video games.

Moved into an apartment with a long time friend.

I feel like I should have some leeway. I needed a year (and a half), ya know? To get back into my element. And I can confidently, without a doubt, 100% say that I will hopefully, probably, MOST LIKELY get to posting on this little blog more often.

I am proud to say that though this blog has remained untouched, I have not stopped writing, and through the encouragement of college courses and even a little bit of fun here and there, I have racked up a formidable handful of prose pieces and will upload them here for my droves of ravenous fans that totally do exist.

On the real though, I hope to use this site as a tool for me to keep up on my skills as a writer and to help encourage myself in my pursuit of professional opportunities. A Coms major is only as good as his sweet-o blog.

So stay tuned, folks. Brough Stuff is going to be a hub for all things Nolan, someone I know ya’ll can’t get enough of.


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